Vehicle Paint Protection film

Paint Protection Bonnet Film

The leading edge of your bonnet receives the most damage from road debris. Invisi-Shieldz Paint Protection Bonnet film keeps your paint in pristine condition. Invisi-Shieldz Paint Protection Bonnet film is precut and designed to protect up to 30cm on the front of your bonnet from stone chips and marks.

Door Cup Protection

Even the smallest details matter to you. You know you are likely to scratch your door handle area with either your keys or fingernails. You can protect your door handle area with our Invisi-Shieldz Doors Cup Paint Protection film, this will keep your door handle area looking like new, without changing the appearance.

Wing Mirror Paint Protection

Your wing mirrors are also prone to damage from stone impact. Protect them with Invisi-Shieldz Wing Mirror Paint Protection film, which will not only help prevent impact damage but also stop the paint from fading under harsh UV rays. Available in either precut for your vehicle, or universal size for a DIY installation.

Rear Bumper Protection

Every time you load something into your boot, you run the risk of damaging your rear bumper. You can protect your rear bumper with the Invisi-Shieldz Rear Bumper Guard Paint Protection film. This invisible film will protect your paint, but not alter the look of your car. Available in either precut for your vehicle, or universal size for a custom installation.


Universal Products

The applications are unlimited

Our strong protective film is designed for protecting headlights and tail lights. However, that doesn’t mean it can only be used on cars. It can be used in many other ways, including label protection, furniture protection, vibration dampening, window protection, agricultural products and more.

Protect the things you need

While the applications might be unlimited, the damage to commercial and agricultural products can be expensive. Also the damage caused within the industrial market to labels, can create a hazard and expense to replace. You can also protect office furniture so that it lasts longer, saving money. Invisi-Shieldz Universal Products by AutoShieldz, not only protect from harmful UV rays, but also sandblasting and gravel impact damage.